Dec 17, 2010

Cool short films by KCC students!

Every semester, KCC offers Digital Film/Storytelling (ART 157), giving students the opportunity to learn to make their own films, from start to finish. Check out, below, a few of the films completed during the Fall 2010 semester by Noah Murray, Jana Rothenberg (Makauwahi Cave), Gabriel Abrams (Perfect World), and Joseph Turner (The Ride). You’ll see how each student has really developed his/her own unique style!

"Noah Film" by Noah Murray

"The Ride" by Joseph Turner

"Makauwahi Cave" by Jana Rothenberg

"Perfect World" by Gabriel Adams

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Esther Paik, Instructor

Students have granted Kauai Community College permission to post their films. All rights reserved. All views and opinions expressed in these shorts are those of the creators and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Kauai Community College. 

Copyright (C) 2010.

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