Nov 12, 2010

KCC Faculty and Students in "Peter Pan" - Opening November 12!

KCC faculty and students have partnered with Hawaii Children's Theatre in presenting "Peter Pan" at the War Memorial Convention Hall for three weekends, starting November 12. With a full orchestra, elaborate sets and costumes, and technical wizardry (including characters "flying"), it is sure to be entertaining.

Tickets are available at the door for $15. (There's a $6 special matinee on 11/14 with a food bank donation.)

KCC's own Nina Saraos is the musical director--and she is amazing! Psychology instructor and MUS 203-G student Laura Haack is in the orchestra, along with KCC MUS 203-G students Loren Kayfetz, Edward Bittner, Terumi Nakagawa, Joan Yamaguchi, Dennis Haack, Larry McCreery, Thelma Chun, and Bob Merkel. (Judy Toy's husband, Barry, director of the KCC Stage Band, is also playing in the show.)

Liberal Arts student Dexter Oliver is in the cast, along with Chris Tennberg's daughter Paris, Liberal Arts student Michael Buencosejo's daugther Karmela, and my daughter Athena.

Mary Alexander, member of our Language Art & Humanities division said, "The production of a musical is a culmination and celebration of some of the finest things that our division is about: literature and its interpretation; music and its performance; speech and its articulation, delivery, and projection. I hope you can come out and celebrate the arts! Hope to see you at the show!"

Posted by:
Cammie Matsumoto
Director of Community Relations & Special Projects