Apr 19, 2013

International Education Within Reach (4/29 - 4/30)

Students, find out how you can see and serve the world through international education!

In March of 2012,  through the Wofford Scholarship and Honda International Travel Fund, Kauai CC student Dylan Wehrly was able to travel to Costa Rica. While in Costa Rica, Dylan volunteered at a local daycare. He will share his stories and experiences about his trip on Monday, April 29, 2013, in the magazine alcove in the Library. His presentation will begin at 12:30 p.m.

Dylan's presentation is part of a two-day event to promote international education and the Wofford Scholarship program. Chancellor Cox will speak about her trip to India on Tuesday, April 30, at 2:00 p.m. in the Library's magazine alcove.

Sponsored by the International Education Committee.

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Brian Yamamoto

Apr 18, 2013

Film Screening & Discussion about "the Father of Hawaiian Botany" (4/23)

A King In China: The Life of Joseph Francis RockFilm and Discussion facilitated by Chipper Wichman, National Tropical Botanical Garden

National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG) and Kaua'i Community College will offer a glimpse into the life of the man known as 'the father of Hawaiian botany', who went on to become internationally recognized for his explorations in China. The free film showing of "A King in China: The Life of Joseph Francis Rock" will be introduced by NTBG Director and CEO Chipper Wichman on Tuesday, April 23, at 5:30 p.m. in the cafeteria at the KCC Campus Center.

Rock, a largely self-taught plant collector, has a number of Hawaiian species named for him, including the Kaua‘i endemic sedge Cyperus rockii. In the 1920s, Rock traveled to Asia for the U.S. Department of Agriculture where he collected plants used in treating Hansen's disease. He may be most known for the expeditions he led for the National Geographic Society and others in Chinese and Tibetan border regions, exhaustively documenting the culture and language of the Naxi, an ethnic minority in Yunan province. Later he continued his work in Southeast Asia before eventually returning to China and then back to Hawai'i in the 1950s. The 52-minute film covers Rock’s time in regions of Southwest China and Tibet, which remain remote today even as much of the culture has all but vanished.The 2013 showing coincides with the 100th anniversary of what many in and outside of Hawai'i consider a foundational publication on Hawaiian plant life, Rock’s 1913 The Indigenous Trees of the Hawaiian Islands, republished by NTBG in 1974. During his introduction, Wichman will share another important connection between Rock and the NTBG, the national nonprofit botanical institution headquartered on Kaua'i.


For more information about Hansen's disease in Hawaii, please stop by the college's One Stop Center (OSC) where there is an exhibit by Ka 'Ohana O Kalaupapa entitled: "A Source of Light, Constant and Never-Fading". This exhibit chronicles the leper settlement on Kalaupapa, MolokaŹ»i in pictures and stories.  One of the missions of the organization is not only to preserve the history of Kalaupapa and those sent there, but to also re-connect families and descendants with their connection to this part of history.  It is a very compelling, interesting, and emotional story.  Please take some time to wander through the exhibit. The exhibit will be at Kauai Community College until May 5, 2013.  OSC hours are Monday through Friday, 7:45 am - 4:30 pm. 

Kauai Students Take Home Awards from Marine Option Program Symposium

Kauai Community College students took home two awards at the Marine Option Program (MOP) Symposium on Maui this weekend (4/13-14/2013). Leah Sausen's presentation, "Groundwater contamination of Ke'e Lagoon," won the Best Internship Presentation award and Jin-Wah Lau's poster, "Shoreline variation analysis of Kekaha Beach," won the Best Poster Presentation award. There was a lot of competition, including students from UH Manoa and UH Hilo, so this is a really big accomplishment for our students! There were only six awards total and Kauai took home two!

Leah Sausen's internship was with Dr. Carl Berg from the Kauai chapter of Surfrider Foundation, so he contributed to making this happen. (Willow Jorgenson was her faculty advisor). Here, Leah is in the midst of presenting her internship findings at the Symposium.

Jin-Wah Lau worked with faculty advisor Steve Taylor and Sedimentologist/Geoscientist Dr. Chuck Blay who also made great contributions to her success. At right, Jin-Wah (center) speaks with attendees about her poster covering changes in Kauai's westside shorelines.

Yay, Kauai students!

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Willow Jorgenson

More information about Kauai CC's MOP

Dr. Cindy Hunter, MOP Director at Manoa emailed the following:

The University of Hawaii Marine Option Program held its 30th Annual Student Symposium at the sparkling new and spectacular Ike Le'a Auditorium and Science Facility at UH Maui College this past weekend. 

UH Maui College MOP Coordinators, Donna Brown and Frannie Coopersmith, hosted the two day event that involved students from six of the 10 UH system campuses.  The facilities, food, and fun were...fantastic. Mahalo to the Maui faculty, staff and students who helped make this event such a success.  Next year, we hope to see students and colleagues from American Samoa CC and University of Guam, as well!

Truly ALL of the students did a tremendous job in presenting their individual research and internship projects, so much so that the judges had a very tough time in selecting this year's awardees--but please see below and check next month's Seawords (http://www.hawaii.edu/mop/site/) for the full story and photos.

2013 Marine Option Program Student Awardees:

           Best Research Presentation
Kristina Tietjen (UH-Hilo)—Evidence for a new genus of Triphoridae in Hawaii based on scanning electron micrographs of the protoconch.

Best Internship Presentation
Leah K. Sausen (Kauai CC)—Groundwater contamination of Ke’e Lagoon

Best Poster Presentation
Jin-Wah Lau (Kauai CC)—Shoreline variation analysis of Kekaha Beach

John P. Craven Award (most inspired and inspirational presentation by a MOP “Child of the Sea”)
Steven Matadobra (UH Manoa)—Sea turtle responder for the Marine Option Program

PACON International, Hawaii Chapter (best paper integrating marine science and technology, with a Pacific focus)
James Berles (Windward CC)—GIS mapping of Waikalua Loko fishpond mangrove removal and pond circulation.

Anna Toy Ng Memorial MOP Scholarship (for excellence in marine scholarship, ocean stewardship and contribution to MOP; $250 award)
            Laura Knight (UH-Hilo)

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Dr. Cindy Hunter by Willow Jorgenson

Apr 17, 2013

Adult Residential Care Home Operator (ARCH)

This summer the Nursing department will be offering ARCH! Please share this with your friends, family, and students.

Statement of Philosophy
Students in the Adult Residential Care Home Operator (CHO) program will receive instruction in common diseases, nutrition, making medication available, communication, rehabilitation, regulations accounts, and community resources. Students will receive a solid understanding of the elements of the Hawai'i Administrative Rules title 11 chapter 100.1. This program will allow students to apply for licensure as a state approved adult residential care home operator.

ARCH Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and be able to practice the principles of resident care.
  • Incorporate the concepts of the social model through family and community centered approaches. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of community resources that may be utilized by residents and primary caregiver.
  • Demonstrate skill in first aid, nutrition, and nursing and behavioral management of all ARCH residents. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the licensure requirements for ARCH facilities.
    Certificate of Competence: 4 credits
      Course Number
      Course Title
      Course Credits
      Diseases, Special Diets, and Medications
      NURS 13 Specialized Populations, Communication, and Rehabilitation
      NURS 14 Regulations, Accounts, and Community Resources

      If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact:

      Pua Palmeira, Counselor
      Phone: 808-245-8258 for an appointment or
      Email: marlapua@hawaii.edu

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    Pua Palmeira