Apr 17, 2013

Adult Residential Care Home Operator (ARCH)

This summer the Nursing department will be offering ARCH! Please share this with your friends, family, and students.

Statement of Philosophy
Students in the Adult Residential Care Home Operator (CHO) program will receive instruction in common diseases, nutrition, making medication available, communication, rehabilitation, regulations accounts, and community resources. Students will receive a solid understanding of the elements of the Hawai'i Administrative Rules title 11 chapter 100.1. This program will allow students to apply for licensure as a state approved adult residential care home operator.

ARCH Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and be able to practice the principles of resident care.
  • Incorporate the concepts of the social model through family and community centered approaches. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of community resources that may be utilized by residents and primary caregiver.
  • Demonstrate skill in first aid, nutrition, and nursing and behavioral management of all ARCH residents. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the licensure requirements for ARCH facilities.
    Certificate of Competence: 4 credits
      Course Number
      Course Title
      Course Credits
      Diseases, Special Diets, and Medications
      NURS 13 Specialized Populations, Communication, and Rehabilitation
      NURS 14 Regulations, Accounts, and Community Resources

      If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact:

      Pua Palmeira, Counselor
      Phone: 808-245-8258 for an appointment or
      Email: marlapua@hawaii.edu

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    Pua Palmeira

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