Aug 30, 2013

"Go Forward! Agree to Degree" Event (9/4)

On Wednesday, September 4, from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. in front of the LRC, Kauai CC students will have the opportunity to make a pledge to complete their degree or certificate on time. Signing of the pledge banner will begin at 10 a.m.

To learn  more about the "Go Forward! Agree to Degree" initiative, see UH News.

Okinawa Nursing Students Express Their Thanks

three origami cranesStudents from Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing end the Kauai leg of their Hawaii Study Tour tonight and head out to Oahu tomorrow morning.

At their farewell dinner last night, they taught everyone how to make origami crane, then they expressed their gratitude through hula taught by KCC's Pua Rossi and accompanied by her father, Mark Rossi. They sang two Japanese songs expressing gratitude for home and family, one a Japanese beloved song entitled "Furusato", the other a song by popular Okinawa group BEGIN that expresses "home" from an islander's perspective entitled "Shimanchu nu Takara". As a special thanks they presented their KCC teachers with personal notes of gratitude, and the following for the staff:

Aloha KCC Staff: Thank you so much for support this seminar. We could learn many things in Hawaii. This experience is valuable in my life. We don't forget to your kindness. It was a short period of time, but we got valuable experiences. When I go back to Okinawa, we want to familiarize the experience to Okinawan people. From Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing. 29, Aug. 2013

Although their time on Kauai was just a short two-weeks, they studied a lot and also gave back a lot to the community--visiting all three of Kauai's hospitals. Some of their activities were covered in The Garden Island:

Students get hands-on with plants - Local
East meets West - Local

Links to additional TGI articles are on our campus facebook.

Students! NEW 12:05 Success Series

The 12:05 Success Series is a series of FREE 45 minutes workshops on a variety of student success-related topics geared towards first-time freshman students, but ALL students are encouraged to attend any workshops that interest them.

The sessions will run every Wednesday from 12:05-12:50. No pre-registration is required. Most of the sessions are scheduled for LRC 122, with the exception of workshops requiring a computer lab.

The full schedule is listed here:

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Rebecca Yund
Transitions Coordinator
Kipaipai Program

Aug 26, 2013

12:05 Success Series: Introductory Computer Skills (8/28)

The 12:05 Success Series is offering a FREE 45 minute workshop on introductory computer skills this Wednesday, August 28th, at 12:05. All 12:05 Success Series Workshops are open to the entire campus!

The workshop will be held in the OCET Building Room 104A.

This session will be helpful for students with little experience using computer technology and for those who want to learn new helpful tips and tricks.

No registration required.

For more information about the 12:05 Success Series, visit:

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Rebecca Yund

Student Medical Insurance Plan Endorsed by the University of Hawaii

For students needing medical insurance:

HMSA Student Plan 2013-2014 
Students enrolling in this plan also may enroll in HMSA's Dental Plan.


A. Eligibility Requirements for Fall 2013
1. Students must be enrolled in the UH system
2. Students must be taking at least a minimum amount of credits
  • a. Undergraduates must take at least 6 credits 
  • b. Graduate students must take at least 4 credits 
B. Important Dates for Fall 2013
1. Enrollment Dates: July 29 - September 23, 2013
2. Coverage Dates: August 20 - December 31, 2013

C. Go to for information on the UH Student Health Insurance Plan or to enroll online. There is an additional $10 to enroll online.

D. Current Student Plan Members: If you are currently on the Student Plan and have questions about your plan benefits, claims or bill, please contact HMSA directly at 808-948-6111.

I have application forms and informational materials. Come and see me in the OSC, room 201.

Posted by:
Annie Rellin
Secretary to the VCSA
KCC Student Health Insurance Contact
OSC 201, ext. 313