Aug 22, 2012

It's Not Too Late To Take Classes

UPDATE: Today (8/24) is the last day to turn in applications, register for classes (without teacher approval), and to get 100% tuition refunds for course changes.

Our Fall semester is off to a great start! With over 1,475 students this is our highest enrollment yet! More classes have been added and seats are still available. If you ever wished you could learn more about...Art, Screenwriting, Plants in Hawaii and their influence on culture, or the Heavens, there are still some seats available (only one in Astronomy at the time of this writing, though!). Still have your once-loved-but-can't-part-with high school band instrument? Dust it off and join us in the Community College Band or String Ensemble! Need a little more exercise in your life? We have Yoga, Basketball, Weight Training, and even Fitness Boot Camp (HPER 199V). You'll not only be exercising but learning about principles and techniques  for fitness and skills improvement.

Want something more "practical"? How's about Minor Home Repair and Fabrication, Intro to Auto Body Repair, Plumbing Basics and Repair, or General Welding?

And there are many more! Business, Accounting, Hawaiian, Japanese, Spanish, Oceanography, Political Science, Psychology, Journalism, Philosophy, Education, Yoga, Weight Training, Fitness Boot Camp, and much, much more. Applications are being accepted through Friday, 8/24, so drop in to grab one or print it yourself. There are some health clearances that need to be completed like a TB test and Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Immunization (or official record of immunization), so get started today.

Bonus! For our wizened citizens (60 years or older), "you may attend classes as a "Visitor" without having to pay tuition and fees" if you meet the following requirements:
  1. Is 60 years or older during the week immediately following the late registration period;
  2. Is a bona fide resident of the state of Hawai`i as described by University of Hawai`i definition;
  3. Meet course prerequisites, if any; and
  4. Does not have any financial obligation to the school.
Also, you still need to turn in an application, the class needs to have seats available as of 8/27/2012, and you'll need instructor approval. For more information about senior citizen "Visitor" status, check out our full catalog and search for "Senior Citizen" which is on numbered page 30.

If you have application questions, call Admissions and Records at 245-8224 or 245-8225.

Hope to see you on campus!