Apr 13, 2011

Interested in Beekeeping?

The Kaua'i Beekeepers Association (KBee), will be hosting a public meeting on Friday April 15 at KCC in the Electronic and Technology Building's Multi- Purpose Rm114. The featured speaker will be Danielle Downey, the state's newly hired apiary specialist. The meeting will start at 6 pm with Danielle's presentation, and with a question and answer discussion to wrap up the evening's event.

Ms. Downey will be focusing her discussion on common honeybee diseases and how to identify, treat and prevent them from becoming problematic for beekeepers. A brief update on the state's plan for assisting local beekeepers and helping Kaua'i keep the small hive beetle and varroa mite off the Garden Island will be included in the discussion.

Danielle will also be making a presentation along with Jimmy Trujillo from the Kauai Beekeepers Association at the Kauai County Farm Bureau's Garden Fair on the following day April 16. Their mid-day presentation, titled "The Buzz about Beekeeping: Beekeeping Basics and How to Get Started" will be a lecture and demonstration on the methods, techniques and equipment necessary to start keeping bees for honey production or increased pollination for your farm or garden. KBee will also have a booth at the Garden Fair to share additional information on how to get involved and learn more about beekeeping on Kauai.

Both events are free and open to the public. For more information contact KBee Chair Jimmy Trujillo at 346-7725 or jtrujill@hawaii.edu or visit the KBee blog and leave a comment at www.KauaiBuzz.Blogspot.com

Posted by Jimmy Trujillo

Apr 12, 2011

Mahalo and Congratulations!

Thank you to the Culinary Program and all the others at KCC who worked so hard to make Friday's Spring Gourmet Gala such a success! Everyone I spoke to, including President Greenwood, was delighted with the event and it showed off KCC well! Mahalo!

Posted by Helen Cox