May 23, 2011

Mahalo and Congratulations

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Mahalo for a very productive year. I know this was a difficult one--with pay cuts, budget cuts, fewer staff to cover the same work, high enrollment and a host of other stresses and strains. I want to thank you for making it a truly wonderful year, despite all these things. From the care taken of our physical campus to the financial stewardship activities, to the care and teaching of our students, all of you pulled together to make improve the lives of our students. In our small community each one of you makes a difference, and I appreciate each and every one of you--those who stay late to make sure things are done, those who come up with new, great ideas, those of you who put one step in front of the other to do good solid work, those of you who question what we are doing---all of you are valuable assets to our grand endeavor. For those of you who are leaving for the summer, please go safely and have a fulfilling summer whether that relaxing on a beach, climbing a mountain or playing with kids. For those of you who will still be here all summer, take a deep breath before jumping into summer tasks. For all of you, MAHALO!!

I will be on the mainland until the 25th seeing my son graduate with his Masters Degree from Arizona State and then hanging out with family for a few days. Before returning, John and I will go backpacking in the Utah desert to give our spirits and bodies new energy. I wish you all similar opportunities to enjoy family and recharge your batteries.


Helen A. Cox, Ph.D.
Kaua'i Community College