Mar 25, 2013

Electronics Symposium at Kauai CC (4/15)

Electronics Technology Spring Symposium
Technology Building, Multipurpose Classroom 114
Monday, April 15, 2013, 12:00 noon - 1:15 pm


12:00 pm
Dr. Georgeanne Friend, Space Grant Coordinator/Mentor, & Akamai Internship Advisory Board Member
Welcome –Hawaii Space Grant Consortium & Akamai Internship Program
Stu Burley, Hawaii Space Grant Consortium KCC Director

12:03 pm
Tom Ellis, Hawaii Space Flight Lab Satellite Tracking Station Manager
S-Band Antenna Installation of Space Grant Activities.


12:05 pm      William Balbin (Fall 2012 Space Grant Trainee) Effective Terrestrial and Space Communication.

12:15 pm      Jeffery Dorough ( Spring 2013 Space Grant Trainee) Collection and Analysis of E-Callisto Solar Flare Data.

12:25 pm      Dominique Boeder (Spring 2013 Space Grant Trainee) Collection of UV Data and Comparison to TSI.

12:35 pm  Marcus Yamaguchi (Spring 2013 Space Grant Trainee) Verification and Design of KCC Ground Station for Hawaii-SAT1 Mission.

12:45 pm   Ryan Wong (2012 Akamai Intern-Smithsonian Submillimeter Array) Radio Frequency Instrument Design and Testing

12:55 pm.     Marco Bucao (2012 Akamai Intern-UH Institute for Astronomy, Maui) Designing a Linear Stage to Measure the Surface Geometry of a Telescope Mirror

1:05 pm.      Heather Prinzing (2012 Akamai Intern-UH Institute for Astronomy, Hawaii) A New Environmental Monitoring System for the UH 88-inch Telescope 

1:15 pm       End of Symposium- Poster displays in hallway.  Thank you for your participation.