Dec 1, 2010

College Conversation Reminder

Reminding everyone that there will be a College Conversation at Fine Dining on Friday, December 3rd. Due to Helen's tight schedule on Friday, the Conversation will begin at 1:30 pm rather than at 1:00 pm as originally planned. The College Council meeting will follow at 3:00 pm at Fine Dining.

The topic of conversation will be: how we can better serve our Hawaiian students. Representatives from Makaloa will be attending. As many of the faculty members will be at J.N.'s campus visit, faculty are encouraged to voice their ideas and opinions on this topic by emailing me.

Posted by:
Vincent Itoga, Private Secretary to the Chancellor

Acting Class Final Performance

The THEA 221 Acting class's final performance is on Wednesday, December 8, at 12:15pm in room 105 of OSC Phase II.

Come hear these talented students perform scenes from the plays of Neil Simon and others. As an added bonus attraction, several students from the MUS 121B Voice Class will also be performing as a taste of their own final performance the next day, Thursday December 9.

Come support these dedicated individuals and feel free to bring your lunch! I'll send out a reminder notice early next week. I'm including the program  below. Hope you can make it!

Welcome to the Gecko

Kaua`i CC is the recipient of a ""gecko" sculpture created by artist Patrice Federspiel and donated by Kapiolani Women's Center in Honolulu.

In 2004, Ms. Federspiel had the honor of being one of 50 artists chosen to participate in Honolulu's "Geckos in Paradise" sculpture competition and exhibit. Patrice's gecko sold for $10,000 in the charity bidding to raise money for breast cancer research.

Come by the Chancellor's Office, where it temporarily sits, and see the colorful, whimsical sculpture.

Posted by:
Vincent Itoga, Private Secretary to the Chancellor