Mar 14, 2012

Come to Open Mike Event on March 19

Join us for this semester's Open Mike Event. Monday, March 19, from 12 pm to 1:15 pm at the Campus Student Life Center.

Come and watch live Open Mike performances by Kaua'i Community College students as they share:
  • Music
  • Skits/theater/monologues
  • Readings from poetry/fiction/nonfiction
  • Stories/speeches/poetry/oral performance of literature
  • Talent/ hula, dance, juggling and more…
Students, if you would like to present something, please come prepared. This is your time to showcase your hidden talents ­ Sing, dance, play an instrument, recite poetry…whatever you'd like to share!

Presentation slots are given on a first come first sign up basis.

If you would like to see some of our previous Open Mike performances stop by the big screen in the foyer of the KCC Library. This digital show will run all week between 10:am and 3:00pm. Past Open Mike Performances can also be viewed at

See you on the 19th.
Sharon Milan
Speech Instructor