Feb 26, 2010

ASUH-KCC & KIUC Candidate Forum

The ASUH-KCC and John Constantino were instrumental in producing a successful KIUC candidate forum. Procedures for the Q and A were well thought out and implemented. They set up the room comfortably, provided refreshments, and senators from each division as well as the officers were present and contributed to the success of the night. Moksha McClure, Nelson Batalion, Crystal Cruz worked with their fellow senators and with John and Jimmy Trujillo to get the participation of, and work things out with, Ron Wiley (KONG Radio) and Nathan Eagle (The Garden Island). Equipment was set up, and worked perfectly, thanks to Pat Watase, the students, John and Jimmy. I was very impressed. The questions were good and the answers gave me a good idea of who I would vote for.

We at KCC are lucky to have such hard-working faculty as John and Jimmy, and such dependable, competent students who show leadership as those in our student government.

Posted by:
Joyce Nakahara

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