Jun 2, 2014

Community Announcement: NIH Funded National Hearing Test - Free Until June 15

At least until June 15, the "National Hearing Test" is available free of charge and is conveniently conducted via telephone. It takes only about 10 minutes.

With funding from the U.S. National Institutes of Health, this screening test was developed by Communication Disorders Technology Inc. in partnership with Indiana University and the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam. It has been tested for accuracy and serves as a good screening tool to assess the need to seek professional assessment by an audiologist.

During the time that the test is free, simply call 866-223-7575 and follow the directions. Use a landline phone with a number pad separate from the handset. The test may not be valid if taken with a cellphone. If you are reading this after the free period, go to www.nationalhearingtest.org to fill out a short questionnaire and pay $8 for the test.

For more information, see our Star-Advertiser newspaper column for this week.

Posted via M.Tabura for:
C. Alan Titchenal, PhD, CNS, Associate Professor
Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences
University of Hawaii at Manoa

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