Sep 5, 2013

Garden Tower to Table

- Kaua`i CC Culinary Arts Program to Feature Fresh Grown Produce in its Courses -

photo of KCC chef instructors with garden tower
Chefs Mark Oyama and Martina Hilldorfer with
Wendy Loh and Denise Uratake present sample
of soon to be installed garden towers.
Mark Oyama, Chef Instructor for Kaua`i Community College and Culinary Arts Program colleagues can’t wait to incorporate fresh picked herbs and specialty greens into fine dining and cafeteria cuisine at Kaua`i CC. Oyama announced plans to feature four aeroponic tower gardens in front of the Fine Dining Room. Construction is slated to be completed by the end of the Fall 2013 Semester.

What is an aeroponic tower garden? According to research, aeroponics is a type of hydroponic growing system that does not use soil, where produce is cultivated in an air and mist environment. Produce is fresh and delicious, and has great color.

To enhance the College’s efforts to expand its sustainable living practices, KCC faculty and staff will attend a presentation and demonstration of an aeroponics system Friday, September 6, 2013, from 1:00 pm in Kaua`i CC’s Fine Dining Room facility.

Kaua`i CC Culinary Arts Program is lead by its team of world cuisine experts: Mark Oyama, Martina Hilldorfer, Steven Nakata, Duane Miyasato, Melanie Bacio, and Karen Morita-Lee. The Fall 2013 Fine Dining Program will be serving a Continental Cuisine menu beginning the week of September 4th through the week of October 6th, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 11:30 am. Call 2445-8365 to make reservations. The Cafeteria opened its doors for daily service to over 1,500 students.

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Cammie Matsumoto

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