Sep 3, 2013

Free Services at Kauai CC Ignite Student Success

Kaua`i Community College has been expanding its services to help its growing and diverse population of students be successful in college. With Registration hours extended to 6:00 pm, as of September 3, 2013, 1,531 students have enrolled at KCC bringing an increase of 1.3% from 2012 Fall Semester.

On Wednesday September 4, at the entrance to its Learning Commons, from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, administration, faculty, staff, and students will take part in the UH Community Colleges “Go Forward! Agree to Degree” campaign for building awareness and encouraging students to complete their college education.

KCC’s Phi Theta Kappa honor students and ASUH-KCC student government leaders have seized the opportunity to co-sponsor the “Agree to Degree” campaign as demonstration of their commitment to student success. “It’s a good fit, where students can exercise leadership in coordinating a major initiative and uphold honor by serving as role models for other students,” declared Ann Kennedy, KCC Business Education faculty member and Phi Theta Kappa advisor. Speaking for herself and co-coordinator, John Constantino, Counselor and Student Activities Coordinator, she said, “We want to see students graduate. We want them to make that commitment to get that degree.”

“Agree to Degree” is particularly designed for community college students. I hope everyone on campus signs the pledge as their promise to help each student finish and get their degree,” said Earl Nishiguchi, vice chancellor for Students Affairs.

By signing a pledge, students will agree to attend classes; get good grades; check UH email at least once a day; talk to instructors; learn about what can fuel success; meet with counselors; and make education a priority in their life.

For its part, KCC administrators, faculty, and staff will renew their promise to do whatever it can to cultivate a campus community where all students readily use the numerous free services available to them to be successful in college. “Having students sign the pledge is only one half of what’s going on at the campuses. Our goal is to build awareness of all student services and resources offered at the colleges to help them be successful in school,” said John Morton, vice president for UH Community Colleges. “We want our students to utilize the free tutoring, career counseling, academic advising, learning centers, computer labs, and other free support services.”

What else is KCC doing to nurture student success? In addition to its exceptional team of counselors, KCC is offering:

Kipaipai Program first year experience program to help ALL NEW First Year classified students succeed both academically and personally during their first year of college. “Kipaipai” means to powerfully encourage and inspire others. Contact Rebecca Yund, Transition Coordinator, at 245-8383 or email for more information. Nationally, students who participate in a first year college experience program have a higher grade point average, are more likely to complete their degree program, and are more likely to take advantage of campus resources Students who fulfill the agreements of the KCC program, which includes attending the new student orientation, enrolling in “IS103 “Intro to College,” participating in a mid-term evaluation, attending at least one success workshop, and maintaining satisfactory academic progress will receive:
  • $300 per semester, up to three semesters for a total of $900, for tuition, books, fees, or supplies;
  • A guidebook, “How to Succeed at College”;
  • Peer mentoring support from a dedicated team second and third year students.
Tutoring Services, located in the Learning Commons, will be available any time for Math and Writing related subjects including Computer Skills, Accounting, Philosophy, Chemistry, Anatomy, and Physiology. Contact Tina Castro, Learning Skills Coordinator, at 245-834.

12:05 Success Series,” 45-minute success workshops, each Wednesday from the beginning of Fall 2013 semester through December 11, 2013. For information and location, contact Rebecca Yund, at 245-8383. Topics include basic computer skills; note taking; reading a textbooks; Math anxiety and test taking; time management; resolving end of semester challenges; stress management; goal setting; child care help; personal finances, and career planning.

“HelpNow Higher Ed by Brainfuse Ignite Your Mind” online service accessible from home.  Help includes writing assistance and live tutoring.  Topics include COMPASS Prep coaching and practice tests; assistance in Writing; Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Spanish, and Statistics.

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