Sep 29, 2011

Film Club screening: A CLOCKWORK ORANGE

Come one, come all! Thursday evening, October 6, at 6:30 p.m. in the Tech 114 Multi-Purpose room, the KCC Film Club will be screening Stanley Kubrick's 1971 classic "A Clockwork Orange." Tell your students!
A Clockwork Orange is a 1971 film adaptation of Anthony Burgess's 1962 novel of the same name. It was written, directed and produced by Stanley Kubrick. It features disturbing, violent images, facilitating its social commentary on psychiatry, youth gangs, and other social, political, and economic subjects in a dystopian, future Britain.
Alex (Malcolm McDowell), the main character, is a charismatic, psychopathic delinquent whose interests include classical music (especially Beethoven), rape, and so-called 'ultra-violence'. He leads a small gang of thugs (Pete, Georgie, and Dim), whom he calls his droogs (from the Russian друг, "friend", "buddy"). The film chronicles the horrific crime spree of his gang, his capture, and attempted rehabilitation via controversial psychological conditioning. Alex narrates most of the film in Nadsat, a fractured adolescent slang comprising Slavic (especially Russian), English, and Cockney rhyming slang.
A Clockwork Orange features a soundtrack comprising mostly classical music selections and Moog synthesizer compositions by Walter Carlos. The now-iconic poster of A Clockwork Orange was created by designer Bill Gold. The film holds the Guinness World Record for being the first in media history to use the Dolby sound system.
E. Koohan Paik
Lecturer, Digital Media Arts

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