Jan 13, 2011

Students from Toyama Lend a Helping Hand

The inaugural group of students from Toyama National College of Marine Technology visited Hawaii last March. As students who study modern navigation techniques they were stumped when asked the question, "So what is navigation?" by KCC professor Dennis Chun. With all the computers and precise instrumentation on modern ships, it wasn't a concept they had ever separated from those tools. The students spent time learning Polynesian Navigation, Hawaiian culture, and English. Among their many activities was helping with KCC's outrigger canoe project, interacting with various KCC students and organizations, and learning alongside others on the Big Island.

This March, we'll greet the next group of students from Toyama NCMT.  お楽しみに。

Students from Toyama National College of Marine Technology, March 2010
Helping with the lashings
Taking a well deserved break
Outdoor lecture
Outing on Hawaii island

For more information about the agreement that made this possible, see the October post of the Chancellor's Corner.

Posted by:
Esther Miller
Photos by Dennis Chun

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