Oct 15, 2009

Chancellor's Corner

This week the College has been involved in two exciting events that speak directly to two areas on which we've chosen to focus.

On October 12, 2009, Toyama National College of Maritime Technology and Kaua'i Community College signed an educational agreement to work together in ways that will be beneficial to both institutions. As the first project in this agreement, Toyama maritime students will come to Kaua'i CC to study Polynesian Navigation, Hawaiian culture, and English. A part of Toyama College's curriculum is studying modern navigation techniques. Intrigued by how Polynesians were able to navigate vast distances throughout the Pacific without the aide of modern navigation equipment, Toyama College students are eager to learn the treasured art of Polynesian navigation and voyaging. Dennis Chun (Instructor, Kaua'i CC) and Tomoki Oku (Associate Professor of Maritime Technology, Toyama College) are developing a program of study.


In partnership with the Kaua'i County Farm Bureau, KCC launched a new Community Market that includes Garden Island-grown fruits and vegetables, plus prepared foods and products made from local ingredients. Beginning this past Saturday, the 10th, the market will run weekly on the campus from 10-1. The market will also feature demonstrations and information about KCC programs. The market is envisioned as a central gathering place where neighbors can shop for food from the garden, enjoy delicious local foods, "talk story," learn more ways to cook and grow local ingredients, and connect directly with farmers from around the island on a regular basis.

Although the market launch was soggy, the turnout was good, and the Culinary students, along with Steve Nakata and Mark Oyama, did a terrific demonstration of cooking with local ingredients! Glenn Hontz and Kelly Ball were also on hand to give KCC garden tours and sell starts and garden produce. Other vendors included Hanalei Taro & Juice Co., fried green tomatoes and foods from the garden from Kaua'i Fruit & Flower Co., and a selection of fresh produce, cut flowers, plant starts, and value-added farm based products such as Moloa'a Bay Coffee and Kunana goat cheese.

We hope this weekend will be drier, but regardless, the market will go on!

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