Mar 5, 2010

Chancellor's Corner

There are always lots of praise to go around at KCC, and I know that I don't get to all the events and acts that should be mentioned. For that I apologize. For this week, I have three items I'd like to mention.

  • First, belatedly I'd like to thank our student leadership for the incredible job they did with the event they put on several weeks ago on the future of Kauai. This, coupled with the KIUC Candidate Forum they just hosted at KCC, show ASKCC to be dedicated and hard-working students who care deeply about Kauai.
  • Second, I want to thank Brian Yamamoto and the entire OCET staff for their hard work to make our recent hosting of students from Okinawa Christian University a great success. The hosting doesn't stop at the end of the day, but pretty much is non-stop the entire weeks that the group is here. Brian even took the entire group in at his home when the tsunami forced them to evacuate from their hotel. Mahalo!
  • Third, thanks to Gary Nitta and Cheryl Fujii and others on campus on Saturday who helped tourists who showed up on campus during the tsunami warning. They opened up buildings, talked story and generally made them comfortable. Now that's the KCC Aloha spirit!

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