Feb 3, 2010

Spring 2010 TALENT Workshops featuring Laulima

Do you know Laulima?  You may have heard of it from students or a colleague.  Learn more about this course learning system at our Spring TALENT* sessions presented over interactive television.  We'll show you how to use some of Laulima's tools to conduct a course entirely online or to enhance a face-to-face class.  We're also offering sessions on Halawai (Adobe Acrobat Connect) and using social networking tools as course enhancements.

The sessions are lecture-based and broadcast from Manoa; participants can also attend at various campus sites.  Sessions are Tuesdays from 11 AM - 12 PM (in LRC 122 for Kauai) and begin February 9:
  • Feb 09 - Overview of Laulima
  • Feb 16 - Laulima Resources Tool
  • Feb 23 - Laulima Modules Tool
  • Mar 02 - Laulima Assessment tools
  • Mar 09 - Laulima Student Management tools
  • Mar 16 - Laulima Discussion/Mail tools
  • Mar 30 - Laulima Assignments/Drop Box tools
  • Apr 06 - Halawai
  • Apr 13 - Social Networking Tools as Course Enhancements
You can RSVP for a TALENT ITV session at your campus by logging in at http://www.hawaii.edu/training.
Please note that participants should register online as sites are cancelled if no one is registered.
Note:  not all broadcasts are aired to every campus location - if you do not see your campus listed as a site, it may be due to previously scheduled activities.  (Recordings of each session are made available on the TALENT site.)

More information on Laulima and other academic technologies can be found at our TALENT site:

 *Teaching And Learning with Electronic Networked Technologies
 Presented by UH Information Technology Services – Academic Technologies

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