Feb 2, 2010

3/12 workshop: Motivation in the Classroom and on the Job

Here's an early heads up so you can mark your calendars:

Motivation in the Classroom and on the Job: a professional development workshop
Friday, March 12 @ 1:00

About the workshop:

All students have had hundreds of teachers in their lifetimes. A very few of these teachers they remember as being exceptionally good. What are the qualities that combine to create an excellent, memorable teacher? Why do some teachers inspire students to work three times harder than they normally would, while others inspire students to skip class?

Why do students learn more from some teachers than others? Perhaps these teachers better know how to motivate their students. Join Jerry Cerny, HonCC Faculty Development Coordinator, for an interactive and informative workshop on 'Motivation in the Classroom and on the Job.'

Posted by:
Will Dressler
Teaching and Learning Coordinator
Professional Development Committee Chair
Kaua'i Community College

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