Feb 19, 2010

Chancellor's Corner

Mahalo to all of those who helped with the Culinary Program's Breakfast and the Used Book Sale this past weekend! Our culinary program is awesome--students, faculty and staff. And so are all of you who volunteered to help in so many ways--organizing, setting up, cooking, selling things, cleaning up, etc. I had a chance to not only eat way too much ono food, but also check out the Used Book Sale in its new location, and peek my head into the film about bees. Some days I am simply amazed at the generous spirit of this place and the variety of things going on. Sunday was definitely one of those days! I had two colleagues from Salt Lake Community College come with John and me to the breakfast. They were here as facilitators of a Community College Leadership Champions Retreat held at the Waimea Plantation Cottages. They were simply amazed both by those at the retreat and by what they saw at the Breakfast. They couldn't believe the relationship we have with our community and the spirit of volunteerism we have on our own campus. They left quite envious, and full too!
Helen Cox, Chancellor
Kaua'i Community College
808 245-8210

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