Nov 18, 2013

KCC Students Model Leadership in Building a Sustainable Living Garden Island Community

Since announcing, in 2008, sustainable living as a major focus of teaching, learning and service to the Garden Island community, Kaua`i CC has developed courses where students have the opportunity to learn new skills that will help them to secure green professions. Under the guidance of the College`s Ho`ouluwehi: The Sustainable Living Institute of Kaua`i, like-minded faculty have joined forces to build awareness and engage students as leading contributors of a green Kaua`i.

Students celebrate the completion of the post and pier footings for the project.  Left to Right:  Chadwick Corpuz, Daniel Andres, Camille Pak Chong, Billy Valmosu, instructor Duke Lang, David Lucero, Efren Yanos, Ho`ouluwehi Director Eric Knutzen, Angelito Palaroan, (not shown:  Yoshi Erakdrik)

KCC students in the College’s sustainable living affordable house construction classes, being taught by instructor Duke Lange, apply their skills toward completing an affordable housing prototype for Kaua`i. A 40-foot high-top shipping container is being repurposed to become a green, affordable living home. Completion of the project is scheduled to take place Fall 2014.

Students roll out the latest recycling stations on campus.   Left to Right:  Student Sustainability President Michael Estes, VC for Administrative Services Brandon Shimokawa, Angelito Palaroan, Ho`ouluwehi Director Eric Knutzen, Camille Pak Chong, instructor James Trujillo, and Daniel Andres

Facilities Engineering courses, being taught by instructor James Trujillo, have been an integral part of increasing recycling initiatives.  The best place to begin is at the KCC home, where students recently installed recycling bins around campus for paper, plastic and glass.  Already, awareness has grown and the reduction of KCC’s carbon footprint at has become a shared way of life.

written collaboratively by Eric Knutzen with Cammie Matsumoto 

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