Nov 8, 2013

2013 Food Drive Prize - "Reserved" Parking Stall by OSC

Congratulations to the Career Club who won the "Reserved" parking stall by the One Stop Center for the month of November 2103. They were the winners of the Spring 2013 Hawaii Food Bank drive, bringing in 70 lbs of food. Overall, the campus donated 324 lbs of food and $70.00 to the Hawaii Food Bank in April 2013.

Parking in the "Reserved" stall during November is now for the Career Club only and a KCC issued permit is required. The sign for that stall reads "Reserved by Parking Permit Only". Security will be checking cars that are parked in this stall and if the authorized parking permit is not DISPLAYED on the dashboard then your car may be towed.

Please contact Lana Spencer at 245-8283 with any questions.

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Lana Spencer

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