Jun 4, 2013

2013 KCC Summer Art Exhibition (Jun 3-8)

Kaua`i Community College students from Painting, Drawing, Graphic Design, Photography, and Video Production classes held a soft opening of their exhibition of works at the Kukui Grove Shopping Center in Lihue, June 3rd. They invite the public to visit the exhibit.

Kaua`i CC Art student, Angel Camarillo gives a tour 
of works on display at the 2013 kcc summer art show.
The show is being held June 3 - 8, 2013, in the Kaua`i Society of Artists Gallery at Kukui Grove Shopping Center. The public is also invited to the Artist Reception on Friday, June 7, at 6:00 pm.

“This is the first time holding an exhibition outside of the Kaua`i CC campus. Students are able to not only exhibit, but also sell their artwork. The goals of Kaua`i CC’s art programs are to give those students hoping to move to a four-year education a great start, or to give those who are looking to expand their skill set the skills they need,” explained Mathew Fulmer, Art instructor at Kaua`i CC.

Matthew Fulmer, Art Instructor at Kaua`i CC, prepares
for day two of the 2013 kcc summer art show.

The Kaua`i Society of Artists generously donated the gallery space and waived commission fees to support Kaua`i CC students’ endeavors. The exhibition exposes the College’s art programs to those who may not be aware of the diversity of courses available at KCC. 

Photographs by Kaua`i CC students
“This exhibition is a great opportunity for both the students and the Kaua`i community to view a wide range of finished works. The students have the opportunity to see their work on the walls of a gallery, or on a big screen, and feel the pride of accomplishment that goes with a public display. Holding the exhibition at Kukui Grove Shopping Center opens the display to the whole island, including visitors. In addition, the community gets a window into the creativity being nurtured at the College, witnessing the new, home grown talent that is blossoming there. It encourages potential Kaua`i CC students to develop a vision of what they could be learning at Kaua`i CC. Truly a WIN-WIN event for everyone,” commented Gary Ellwood, Digital Video lecturer.

Angel Camarillo, Kauai` CC Art student gives Garden
Island Newspaper photographer Dennis Fujimoto a
tour of the 2013 kcc summer art show.
Angel Camarillo, a Kaua`i CC student who is pursuing a degree in Graphic Design, has some of her works on display and is has volunteered to be one of the exhibit sitters. “I want to get a feel for what I want to make sure of what I will pursue in life," said Camarillo about the choice she made to study at Kaua`i CC. Studying at Kaua`i CC also works for her because she wants to “be closer to home and see my sister and brother grow up,” she said.

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Cammie Matsumoto


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