May 1, 2013

Kauai CC Hosts Kalaupapa Exhibit (until 5/5)

E kala mai for the late announcement, but we were able to host an exhibit in the One Stop Center lobby put together by "Ka ʻOhana O Kalaupapa" nonprofit organization.  This exhibit chronicles the leper settlement on Kalaupapa, Molokaʻi in pictures and stories.  One of the missions of the organization is not only to preserve the history of Kalaupapa and those sent there, but to also re-connect families and descendants with their connection to this part of history.  It will be here to May 5th just before graduation.  It is a very compelling, interesting, and emotional story.  Please take some time to wander through the exhibit.

Mahalo nui,
Dennis Chun
Hawaiian Studies

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