Nov 2, 2012

Pamantasan Club Adopts Na Kama Pono on Adopt-A-School Day

Clearing out the storage shed at Na Kama Pono to start the organizing...
On Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012, the Pamantasan Club participated in the Hawaii Jaycees's Adopt-a-School Day. Our school day project involved working at the Na Kama Pono Pre-School to help reorganize their two storage sheds. Wow, they sure had a lot of stuff in those cabinets! :-)

After hours of hard work!

Thanks to Dana, Val, and Susan for their suggested project and for providing food & drinks for the volunteers. My thanks to the Pamantasan Club members who came out on a Sunday to assist in this project.

We hauled three truckloads to the dump and cardboard recycle bins and there was another truck that took away donated usable items for another pre-school. Great job!
Pamantasan Club Members share their pride and power at Na Kama Pono.
Check out more photos and a detailed story at The Garden Island Newspaper's site.

Salamat po,
Frances Dinnan

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