Mar 1, 2012

College Conversation on Cultural Barriers to Success for KCC Students

KCC Faculty and Staff:  Please see below for a description and information regarding the March 16 college conversation on Cultural Barriers to Success for KCC Students that Kimo Perry has arranged. I believe this will be a really interesting and helpful discussion, so I hope many of you will be able to attend. It fits right in with our goal of access and success!

Title: Cultural Barriers to Success for KCC students: Awareness, Empathy, Strategies
Date: March 16, 2012
Time: 2:00 – 3:30
Location: Fine Dining

Among the barriers that keep students from succeeding, many are universal and familiar: academic under-preparedness, financial difficulties, etc. However, there are also others that are specific to our student demographic here at KCC. This session will be looking at some of these "culture-based" barriers that our students face and how these barriers may be impacting student success and persistence at the college. Representatives of KCC's Makaloa group will be presenting information on the following topics with the goal of creating greater awareness of these barriers and, hopefully, greater empathy for our students:
  1. Personal/family issues unique to our local community (Isaiah Ka'auwai)
  2. Establishing meaningful connections to the curriculum (Jeff Mexia) 
  3. Lack of Native Hawaiian instructional faculty (Kimo Perry)
  4. Issues of societal and institutional affiliation (Hawaiian Studies faculty)
As part of the presentation, there will also be discussion on possible strategies to help students overcome these barriers.

Posted by:
Kimo Perry, Coordinator
The Wai'ale'ale Project

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