Feb 15, 2012

Student Newspaper Seeks Applicants

KCC Board of Publications Formed
Seeking Student Editor and Reporters Now

Kaua'i Community College has formed a Board of Publications (BOP) that will oversee all student publications on campus. "This is an exciting time for our campus," said Ian Ross, BOP Chair. "We must fill key positions as soon as possible, including the student editor, to begin both an online and printed publication of our revitalized campus newspaper, Ka Leo 'o KCC, this semester." All students at KCC are encouraged to apply.

Applicants must be registered, full- or part-time KCC students. Positions include: editor, reporter, assistant advertising manager, and photojournalist. Job descriptions will be sent to all interested applicants upon receipt of their letter of interest. Send resume or letter of interest to kccbop@hawaii.edu before midnight, February 25. Screening will begin Wednesday, February 29, at 12:00 noon in Room 207 of the One Stop Center.

There are five voting members of the KCC BOP, which will screen the applicants and select the voluntary positions. BOP officers are all students and include: Ian Ross, Chair; Taylor Stanton, Vice Chair; and Crystal Cruz, Secretary/Treasurer. Two directors, Carol Bain and Richard Randolph, complete the newly formed board. The charter and bylaws were finalized by the founding board and subsequently approved on January 10, by Chancellor Helen Cox and her designee, Vice Chancellor James Dire.

This board will provide administrative oversight to all KCC student publications. The first hard-copy printing deadline will be set once a printing company is contracted by the recently formed KCC Board of Publications.

Kaua'i Community College is offering two writing intensive courses this semester, News Writing and a Newspaper Lab, taught by Carol Bain. One goal is to support a regularly published campus newspaper and the students who take these courses will be asked to contribute news stories for publication. Any student at the college who may wish to contribute writing for publication, including news, feature stores, poetry and short essays, may be considered.

The 1/25/12 KCC BOP approved job descriptions define the student positions and duties as follows:
Job Description: Generate original story ideas, assign traditional and original stories, educate/assist new staff, request photos, edit stories for content, write captions, write headlines, edit page content, etc. Responsible for approximately 2-4 printed newspapers and weekly online maintenance beginning no later than 6 weeks into Spring or Fall semester. Meet regularly with BOP. Editors should plan to stay late to meet deadlines.

Job Description: Write stories that have been assigned to them and works with editor on developing new story assignments. Interview people for campus publications and copy block quotes. Submit pictures and write captions when appropriate.

Assistant Advertising Manager
Job Description: Lead campaigns to both motivate students to read the campus news publications and to work for Ka Leo 'o KCC. Advertise around campus, creatively. Develop a brand marketing strategic plan. Promote both local and national ad outreach.

Job Description: Take photos of events that have been assigned to them by the editor and work with editor on new photo assignments. Keep accurate caption information: EG: names of people in photo; location; date of photo. Capable of writing feature stories to accompany photos when appropriate.

IMPORTANT: To apply for one or more positions on the student newspaper staff, send a 1-page letter of interest or resume to kccbop@hawaii.edu by 2/25/12 midnight. Screening for all applicants willl begin Wednesday, February 29, at 12:00 noon in Room 207 of the One Stop Center.

As per KCC BOP Bylaws; Article VII - Qualifications and terms of office of Student Staff:
Section 1. Qualifications & Terms
A. ...must be registered, full- or part time KCC students.
B.Terms... shall be for one (1) year as set by the Board.

If you have a disability and have not voluntarily disclosed the nature of your disability and the support that you need, you are invited to contact the Student Services Office 245-8314 or 245-8212.

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Carol Bain

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