Nov 10, 2011

Students In Service Orientation

WHAT IS IT? Currently, there are 90 positions available in Hawai`i for college students and veterans from all disciplines who like to learn by serving in volunteer positions. If you are already working on your practicum, internships, Service learning projects, or just want to serve your country as an AmeriCorps member addressing local community issues, learning valuable civic and workforce skills, and aspiring to a lifetime of civic engagement, this is the program for you.

WHY: This is a great way to earn $1100-$2700.00 in an educational grant.

WHEN: Thursday November 17th or Friday December 2nd at 3 pm

WHERE: One Stop Center Room 105 Kaua`i Community College

DON'T HAVE TIME TO VOLUNTEER? Many students don't realize that they are already serving more volunteer hours than they realize working at school, with a key project, a church charity or a non-profit interest. A percentage of personal development training, conferences and classtime counts towards your community service hours. Let us help you to determine if this will fit your already busy schedule. Over 140 students in Hawaii have already started their service this year and choose to pay for their educational costs by this method.

WHEN TO START: You can begin your service at any time during the year. Positions tend to fill up in the summer and fall, but if you would like to start late Fall or Winter, this orientation series is for you. Call 808-245-0105 or email to reserve a space for one of the orientation classes listed above. We will help you fill out the forms and get the needed paperwork completed easily. See for more information and call today to be prepared for your orientation date.

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Bevin Parker-Evans

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