Nov 15, 2011

Remembering JFK Presentation by Dr. Bruce Getzan

November 22 is one of those "historical marker" days that many Americans know because they or their colleagues, friends, or family members can recall exactly where they were when they heard the news that shots had rung out in Dallas, Texas. Mrs. Kennedy is said to have cried out, "Oh No," the President's limousine sped off to Parkland Hospital, where the youngest man ever elected to our country's highest office was pronounced dead.

Join Dr. Bruce Getzan for a presentation and discussion on Tuesday, November 22, from 12:00 noon to approximately 1:00 pm in the Office of Continuing Education and Training Building (OCET), Room 106C/D, for "Remembering JFK". Bruce has taught several classes focusing on the JFK Presidency, researched and taken students to the Kennedy Library in Boston, to the Kennedy birthplace in Brookline, MA, and to Arlington National Cemetery.

His most popular class was a travel program to Dallas on November 22, with a guided tour of the Sixth Floor Museum, the grassy knoll, and a tour with a former mayor of Dallas and CBS reporters of Lee Harvey Oswald's escape route and arrest location. His students interviewed fifteen eyewitnesses to the murder and the man who was handcuffed to Oswald when Jack Ruby shot the alleged assassin.

Bruce will review a number of the essential resources, recent publications, video clips and his work on Theodore White's notes of the "Camelot" interview with Jackie Kennedy.

You're invited to bring a brown bag lunch. Call 245-8318 if you would like to attend this free event.

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