Sep 30, 2010

KCC Health Emergency Procedures

KCC Ohana,

There have been several health emergencies this year that have taken place on campus. We at the Wellness Center are here to help in times of need. An emergency can happen when it is least expected so it's always better to be prepared. Here are a few things to remember should another emergency happen on campus near you.
  1. Severe emergencies: unconsciousness, seizures, chest pains, allergic reactions, having a hard time breathing or any emergency that you would call 911 for should it happen in your own home:
    • Immediately call 911 (9-911 if calling from a campus land line). After calling 911, inform someone in the business office of what's happening so they are prepared when the emergency vehicles arrive and can point them in the right direction.
    • After calling 911, call the CWC (245-8307). The CWC team will be sent to render first aid and assessment while emergency vehicles are in transit.
    • Clear the area of people and debris to ensure ventilation, safety and direct access to the person in need. 
    • DO NOT MOVE THE PERSON unless the person is in a building that needs to be evacuated or is in a spot that puts him/her in danger. When moving a person, make sure they are completely supported and only move them as far as they need to be secure.
    • If dealing with multiple people, make sure to tell the 911 dispatcher how many people are affected. 
  2. Not feeling well; dizzy/faint/nauseated feeling, injuries (foot/legs, major cuts):
    • Call the CWC (245-8307). The CWC team will be sent to your location to pick up and/or assess the person in need.
    • DO NOT have the person in need walk to the CWC even if escorted. Walking may increase symptoms the person is feeling which may cause them to fall/faint and injure themselves.
  3. Injuries; cuts finger, and minor injuries that need cleaning and bandaging:
    • Have the person apply pressure (use gloves if you need to assist) and if possible have them hold the injury above the heart.
    • If they are able to walk, have them escorted to the CWC. If feeling lightheaded or unable to walk, Call the CWC (245-8307) to bring a wheelchair and assess the medical need.
  4. Other illness:
    • Have the person come to the CWC.
Instructors and staff should be prepared for unexpected emergencies. Carry your cell phone and if you have not already done so, program the campus emergency contact numbers* into your contacts so you will have it should you need medical assistance. It will save you time. If you do not own a cell phone, print off the emergency contact numbers and tape them to an item you bring daily to class. It is also important that you know where the nearest phone/emergency phone is located.

*Please see Char's email for the emergency number list.

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