Sep 20, 2010

Fall 2010 TALENT Workshops

Aloha! The Academic Technologies division of Information Technology Services (ITS) will be offering its Fall 2010 series of workshops and webinars via interactive television (ITV) and the Halawai webconference system starting September 28. Please forward to any interested UH faculty and staff.

TALENT sessions via ITV
These are lecture-based sessions and are broadcast from Manoa on Tuesdays (1:30-2:30 PM) to various campus sites.
Sep 28 - Getting Started with Laulima
Laulima is the University's learning management system. This workshop provides an overview of the Laulima interface and various workspace management functions, plus a brief introduction to a few tools that can be used to facilitate basic course functions on the Web. 
Oct 5 - Converting Course Content for the Web
Learn how you can use free software to create course content for the Web. The workshop will demonstrate how to convert files to PDF using CutePDF, create an audio podcast using Audacity, and create a narrated PowerPoint using Jing.

Oct 12 - Making Course Content Available on the Web Using Laulima
Learn how you can distribute or make files available to students using various Laulima tools.

Oct 19 - Assessment Tools
This workshop will provide an overview of assessment, tips for testing online, and will introduce tools that can be used to conduct assessments in a course, briefly covering iClickers and Laulima's testing tools.

Oct 26 - Testing and the Gradebook Tool in Laulima
This workshop will provide an introduction to Laulima's "Tests & Quizzes," "Tasks, Tests and Surveys" and "Gradebook" tools. 
Nov 9 - Laulima Tips & Tricks
Learn how to post an avatar to your discussion board profile, create a web page, customize the Home page in your course or collaboration space, and upload final Grades to Banner from Laulima.
You can RSVP for a TALENT ITV session at your campus by logging in at

Note: Not all broadcasts are aired to every campus location - if you do not see your campus listed as a site, it may be due to previously scheduled activities.

TALENT webinars
These sessions are offered via the Halawai webconference system. You can RSVP for them by logging in at

Sep 29 Getting Started with Laulima (special evening session, 9:00-10:00 PM HST)
Oct 6 Converting Course Content for the Web (2:00-3:00 PM HST)
Nov 10 Laulima Tips & Tricks (2:00-3:00 PM HST)
More information can be found at our TALENT site:

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