May 12, 2010

Charity Walk SUCCESS!

Thank you is just the beginning of my appreciation. This year's Visitor Bureau Charity Walk campus campaign has been a big success thanks to ALL of you and your support. Char and I attended the Charity Walk kick off in the beginning of April and a goal of $500 raised was set for KCC. Thanks to the many helping hands, charity walkers, car washes and giving donors, KCC has raised $1337.00! The nursing hall wall was filled with colorful slippers representing all the donations that came through KCC. Slippers will be up til Monday, 5/17, so come by and see them on your way to the retirement party on Thursday.

A BIG MAHALO goes to the following people for their gracious donations/campaigning. The charitys of Kauai will be very greatful come Saturday morning. Please give yourselves a pat on the back:

Ryan Ganir, Mytra, Mitchie, Eugene Morelion, Philip C, Shane Kaiminaauao, C. Balilea, Nato Jarquio, Kahau Manio, Jon Kalk, Theresa Noble, Bernard Yago, Judy Toy, Gracelyn Dumlao, M. Duhaylongsod, Mel Gonzalez, Margaret Balcom, Steve Thompson, Tatijama Leong, Kelsie Woodward, Kurt Rutter, Linda Olcott, Joe Psaila, Ivan Miller, Mary Kay Tanka, Kathlen Lee, Carol Bain, Joyce Nakahara, Tom Smithwick, Regina Ikehara, Claudine Yamaola, Trevor McCracken, Colleen McCracken, Brian McCracken, Sue Yen Ortiz, Malia Keale, Vinny Itoga, Char Ono, Maria Fabro, Serena Arts, Kyle Napoleon, Bonnie Honma, John Thomas, Darrel Suiva, Kristine Joy Ortal, Tammie Napoleon, Patrick O'Brien, Billy Ortiz, June Sekioka, Eden Noble, Chef Martina, Mel Momoharam, Tom Baker, Darrick Nordmeier, Jim McFarland, Stacey Psaila, Joe Vegas, Steven Nakata, Sheri Amimoto, Creighton Fujii, Jordan Schick, Joy Agustin, Cherie Mooy, Sharon Suzuki, Noel Mock, Sharon Offley, Virginia Dunas, Helen Cox, Mel Bacio, Melanie Matsuyama, Bryan Yamamoto, Mark Oyama, Matt Cochran, and Michael Gmelin.

Kim O'Brien

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