Apr 23, 2010

Writers to Read Their Work at KCC Library

Kaua‘i Backstory and Kaua‘i CC are co-sponoring “Kaua‘i Backstory’s Reading Series,” to be held Mon, April 26, 2010, from 5:00 pm-6:45 pm, at the KCC Library. The event is free and the public is invited.

This year, Kaua‘i Backstory has invited Jill Marie Landis, Kristin Hannah and Stella Cameron to be keynote guests at the mid-year Reading Series. All three are multiple best-selling authors.

Kauai Backstory is an online literary venue for rigorous writing with a view about Kauai. They look for writing that builds understanding, not walls. They encourage writing (and imagery) that engenders respectful dialogue as a way to build community through conversation, the time-honored tradition of kama'ilio, talk story.

For the past four years, Kauai Backstory had conducted an annual Creative Contest. The website got its start in April 2006 out of a desire to give Kaua‘i writers a place to publish their work. Twice a year, Kauai Backstory invites writers around the island to gather and read their work in public readings.

Editors of Kauai Backstory include Lois Ann Ell, Kim Steutermann Rogers, Gae Rusk and Pam Woolway. All four women are prolific published writers from Kauai. You can learn more about each and read some of their work by clicking on their name.

KCC instructor, Brian Cronwall, won first place in Kaua‘i Backstory’s second annual Creative Contest for his poem "Spring Jog in Wailua." He has attended Kaua‘i Backstory readings and submitted work to other annual contests, as well. Also, Lois Ann Ell attended KCC and worked for four years with Yvette Bambas (now retired) as a literacy tutor in the Writing Across the Curriculum-Teaching Across the Curriculum program in the Learning Resource Center.

For more information about the upcoming Reading Series, contact Lois Ann Ell via email at loisannell@gmail.com

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