Apr 8, 2010

KCC April 2010 Blood Drive Results

We want to share exciting news! We have exceeded our goal of 90 pints of blood. The total pints collected at the student lounge on Tuesday, April 7, 2010, was 111 pints, demolishing our previous record of 105 pints set in 1999. Of the 135 donors that walked through our doors, 24 were turned away due to medical reasons and approximately 20 were first time donors (mostly KCC students).

Since each unit of whole blood can be separated into three components, as many as 333 lives can be saved as a direct result of our efforts. The time and effort required to recruit and see the blood drive through to the end was substantial but worth it to give "the gift of life" to so many in our community.

A group of Kauai High teens came in with their teacher and parents' consents to donate blood for the first time. As they were enjoying their refreshments after donating, a boy stood in awe checking out the "Super Donor" board (donors that have donated 50 to 150 pints). He then told his friend, "I'm going to see my picture up there one day". Want a great joy to witness.

There are several people right here on campus that are on the "Super Donor" board. After donating yesterday, they stood in line again to sign up for the next Kauai blood drive series in June. If we could see the lives of those people whom these donor's gifts have touched, the list would probably be as thick as book.

Throughout the day, we received many written and verbal comments. The majority of them commented on the great food and on the wonderful massages donated by Virginia Dunas and her massage students. About a dozen or so even mentioned that they felt KCC's blood drive is the best on the island and will not hesitate to come back when they see our name on the list of locations to give blood.

A great big HUG and MAHALO go to Virginia and her wonderful students: Holly Carpenter, Maline Manzano, Patrick O'Brien, Kainoa Pau, and Jenna Vicoy. Their healing hands were a big blessing for the blood donors. Many of them couldn't wait to donate their blood and then hop into the massage chair for a little R&R.

A million and one THANK YOUs go out to the following for donating their time in running the canteen area and recruiting prospects: ASUH-KCC Student government leaders: Nelson Batalion, Bryson Bergonia, Bethany Compton, Crystal Cruz, Nohealani Domenden (student co-chair), Kathrine Guerrero, Kainoa Matias, Moksha McClure, Jennifer Pasol (student co-chair), Nahoku Rabot, Eileen Ricardo, Diane Sater, Taylor Stanton, Skyler Workman; and faculty members Shelly Konishi for her ono brownies, Char Ono and Serena Arts. None of this would have been possible without all of your dedication, hard work and leadership. You really make a positive impact in our community.

Thank you all for your support,
John Constantino and Kim O'Brien
KCC Blood Drive Faculty Co-Chairs

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