Sep 14, 2009

Diversity Corner Activities

This semester the Diversity Corner will be conducting a series of activities to promote diversity on our campus. Below is a list of the activities that are currently planned:

1. "Galapagos: South America’s Pacific Islands"
Date/Time: Wednesday, Sep. 23, 2:00-3:30pm
Location: In the Library Alcove (next to the Hawaii Pacific collection)

On September 23, Dr. Carl Stepath will be giving a presentation and discussion on the Galapagos Islands. Dr. Stepath visited the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador last July to make a presentation at the Charles Darwin Symposium 2009. He is giving a slide show of the Galapagos and a short description of the islands. These islands, designated a World Heritage Area and a huge marine protected area, are very unique. They have diverse and interesting animal life, are geologically unique, and were made famous by the publication of Darwin’s 1859 book “On the Origin of Species.” This presentation shows a side of the islands that can only be seen by visiting the “The Enchanted Isles.” Carl has been to the Galapagos three times, and did research there while working with the Charles Darwin Research Station in 2006-7. He was awarded the Punto Azul Medal for his conservation efforts, and feels a deep connection between the Hawaiian Islands and the enchanted isles.

2. Interactive Presentation: The Places We've Been
Dates: Fall 2009 semester

Description: This interactive display will ask KCC faculty, staff, and students to post photos of themselves in different places of the world. The goal is to get a sense of the many interesting places and cultures that we've experienced. (I think we'll be surprised at how extensive our "reach" really is!) This activity will hopefully encourage broad participation; if you have a photo of yourself in a foreign place, please submit it to me or post it directly to the board once the display's up and running! Once I get enough pictures to begin, I will open the exhibit and people can start posting directly at that time. Thanks for your help!

3. Faith: A Pictorial Essay
Dates: September thru October 2009
Host: Linda Sciaroni

Description: This exhibit gives visual representation to the diverse expression of faiths from around the world. In her overview, Linda Sciaroni writes: "Our diversity corner illustrates the elements of faith described in the book Faith by Maya Ajmera. The elements are praying, chanting and singing, reading, listening, learning, cleansing, holy places, holidays and festivals, honoring important events, styles of dress, food and drink, and caring for and helping others. What are the differences and similarities between faith, religion, worship and meditation? What is the difference between tolerance and acceptance? What is the difference between curiosity and empathy? Where is peace and justice found, inside of individuals or among society's members?"

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