Aug 20, 2009

Influenza Information

Please read below several items regarding KCC's response to a potential outbreak of the flu.

1) At Convocation, I mentioned to everyone that if students (and/or faculty and staff) had questions regarding the flu or KCC's preparations for the flu that are not answered by the email they have been sent or the script faculty are reading in class that you can refer them to a member of the Flu Response Team. The members of that team are:
* Brian Yamamoto 245-8241
* Rick Carmichael (phone only) 822-0870 or 245-8307 on Wed only
* Char Ono 245-2310
* Chuck Ramsey 245-245-8229
* Gary Nitta 245-8230
* Helen Cox 245-8210

2) The Wellness Center will start vaccinating faculty, staff, and students with the influenza vaccine in September. We so strongly recommend the vaccination to protect ourselves and others that we are reducing the cost to $10. People with HMSA PPO, do not have to pay for the vaccination as their insurance will be billed and we will not collect the co-pay. Since our supply is limited, we encourage people to sign up soon. Please note that if you or someone else already has the flu, there isn't much the Center can do, so the best thing to do is to go home.

3) Remember that the best thing you can do to keep away the flu is to wash your hands frequently, stay away from people who are sick, and go home if you are sick. You can also pass this message on to your students and others at the College. The College is providing hand-cleaning dispensers around campus and hand wipes in computer labs. We are asking students to wipe their hands and keyboards before use.

For additional information, see the flu information on our website.


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